DIY watercolour palette ideas + watercolour collapsible pot hack!

Travel watercolour palettes are so fun! I don’t even travel that much, but the varying ways you can organise your painting and sketching materials is always appreciated for moving about the house or going out to paint. travelpalette

I’ve made quite a few travel watercolour kits over the past year, including putting one together as a gift for a family member, so thought I’d show you some of mine and share my ideas for organising them…

diy palettes

For the kit case you can use things like:

  • Pencil tins
  • Sweet/mint tins
  • Soap tins
  • Make-up containers
  • Pretty manicure set cases
  • Plastic boxes from around the house, such as ear plug & sewing box containers

For the pans inside you can use things like:

  • Empty art pans
  • Bottle tops
  • Old lego

For the accessories you can:

  • Use make-up tools and sponges
  • Shorten pencils
  • Shorten paint brushes
  • Add a putty rubber
  • Add a little water bottle/container
  • Get a water brush that separates into smaller parts

You can have fun experimenting! I even decided to cut the ends off my Neocolour crayons and arranged them in a teeny container which I then placed inside a pretty soap tin that I found in a charity/thrift store.

To keep the pans inside metal tins I like to superglue a little magnet to them. To keep them in place in a plastic kit I like to use sticky foam dots, but you could also use tape or a hot glue gun – whatever works best for you!


water pot hack beretniceillustrations



This is my most recent kit that I put together. It’s a tiny travel box from Muji, along with one of their lip make-up brushes that works great as a retractable watercolour brush! The sponge is also a make-up one from the pound/dollar store (I don’t really wear make-up so I bought cheap supplies).

The pans are small bottle caps (the ones you get on hair dye conditioner bottles) but I only had 5, so I used a piece of square Lego as well. My husband helped me drill the bit in the middle out (very difficult and a bit dangerous to be honest – so get help if you try it and make sure you clamp the lego!)

And then – I had a brainwave!

An awesome hack for a collapsible water container is a silicone cupcake case! You can get tiny ones like the one in the photo, or regular sized ones that would go in a larger kit. The great thing is that it squishes into your case and them pops right up on its own when you open it! Sure, it’s not that sturdy… But it’s a great DIY alternative to a bought one!

Here’s a video of my DIY watercolour palette ideas and you can also see how I put together the above mini kit! Enjoy!


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