Latest obsession: watercolours! Watercolour supplies haul and floral painting…

Currently I am LOVING watercolour painting. What once used to be a scary uncontrollable medium to work in is fast becoming one of my favourites. It really is true when they say confidence grows with time and practice.

To compliment my new obsession and my habit of collecting art supplies (hey, it could be worse – at least I’m not into fashion!) I ordered some new tinned watercolours as well as some new brushes…


Naturally, I look out for second-hand bargains on eBay but after several disappointing auctions an opportunity shone forth in the form of a special offer from Cass Art (UK art shop). The 18-pan tin palette of Winsor and Newton professional artist quality watercolour paints was 25% off making it really good value.

I really like them, although some of the colours are very transparent. The tin is great, but one downside is that the fold-out tray doesn’t sit flat. Not sure if that’s just the way it is or if mine is stiff for some reason. Here’s the colour swatches:

IMG_20160706_181427615 (1)

Top tip: make-up sponge wedges are great to pop in watercolour tins for wiping brushes!

I found the brushes, a pack of 5 synthetic watercolour brushes by Specialist Crafts from sizes 7 to 12 on eBay for just £7.99. I love the varnished wooden handles, gold metal brush surrounds and how they handle watercolours. No stray hairs and they hold a lot of water. A true pleasure to work with! No downsides… Love them!


OOPS! I did it again…

I had wanted some White Knights paints for ages, having tried one in Payne’s grey. They’re really affordable and when I saw that they have a set in a tin I just had to get it. I did try and bid on a second-hand set on eBay but, alas, I lost out. But I didn’t mind – I found a fantastic seller in the UK and was more than happy to order a brand new set!

I got a 24 set and ordered two extra pans in quinacridone rose and turquoise blue. Here’s a closer shot of the swatches… They are all very pigmented and luxurious. The only downside I could think of was the fact that the lines of trays inside the tin that hold the pans are not removable like other tins are, which is a shame as I like to take them out.


Painting with both sets has been an absolute pleasure.

I was so pleased with the first layer of Winsor and Newton paint in the above left picture, that I was almost too scared to add more layers! Alas, I went for it (gotta learn!) and it turned out OK.


WIP: I haven’t had much of a chance to use the White Knights set yet, but have been working on the above floral painting. Really lovely paints!

See me unbox the Winsor and Newton set, and paint the floral bouquet, in this week’s YouTube video!

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