Friendly Swede 3-in-1 stylus review – great stylus for artists!

I’ve started using my tablet and phone a lot recently to create motifs and patterns. Naturally, having a good stylus helps with precision. But I felt ready for an update…

I already have a disc and mesh stylus that I really like using, and one that has a “paintbrush” end as well, but I got them years ago now so they’re not very “current”. As I make YouTube videos, I wanted to make sure I used something that viewers could find themselves if they liked the look of it.

So I decided to try and find the best stylus for artists that is out there today. There are brush styluses available from art shops and the odd one on eBay. However, I was more interested in a precision-type like a disc tip, combined with other useful tips.


After a lot of research, Friendly Swede’s 3-in-1 stylus seemed like it would be a good one for artists.


It comes in a smart box, and when you open it you find instructions, a business card, stickers and a cleaning cloth.


Inside though, I was blown away by the fact you get TWO STYLUSES! So you get two complete 3-in-1 styluses, PLUS two spare mesh tips and four spare disc tips. Wow!


You get one “lid” per stylus, and all of the parts screw together securely. The downside is, it’s a bit fiddly, but the plus side is you know that you are not going to lose any parts of the stylus and it will be kept in good condition.


You get one ballpoint pen end in black ink, one precision disc end (with flexible rubber bit which is much smoother to use than a spring-loaded one in my opinion) and you get a mesh tip end.

Only one end has a rubber grip, which is a slight downside if you dislike a slippery hold. The side that this affects me with is the pen side, so it would have been nice to have a small grip both ends instead of one larger one on the one end.

It’s also worth noting that you ought to only put the mesh end over the disc end (rather than the single lid) because the single lid is a little too slim for it risking pulling the disc.


The company name is on the lid. I like the look of the logo. What’s more, is that they really are genuinely friendly. The kit comes in at £19.99 RRP, which was a little too much for me to afford before filming my stylus YouTube video. I wrote to them, the company offered to send me one for review, and it arrived promptly the next day via Amazon. Amazing!

Don’t take just my word for it – check out the great reviews and the excellent comments on customer service over on their product page on Amazon:

Overall, The Friendly Swede kit is great – I only wish it also had an artist’s brush end to make it the ultimate stylus! I’ve been using it for weeks now and it truthfully has become a firm favourite of mine – I take it everywhere with me!

See me use and review the stylus in this week’s YouTube video:


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