Reviewing the IKEA sketchbook…

IKEA do sketchbooks! They have medium and large sized sketchbooks with thick, handmade-type paper in them. I decided to put one to the test!


The A4 and A3 sized sketchbooks have plain-ish covers in black or white shades, but the one that I liked was more of a landscape sketchbook/photo album/notebook that came with designs on it.


The designs (flowers or shamrocks) were nice, but I decided to jazz mine up with some washi tape.


To secure the washi tape, I made new end papers by sticking some of the patterned paper/card I got in Tiger to each inside cover.


Then it was time to grab a load of supplies and try the paper out… The paper is really nice and thick, but looks and feels like it will be very absorbent. So I was curious to see how it would handle wet media.


I was pleasantly surprised! All the ink pens I tried, including felt tip pens, went on nicely with only a little bleeding. My sumi ink was also successful in this way, which made me hopeful for my watercolours. They worked too, with the only downside being that the super-absorbent paper makes it hard to handle wet-in-wet.

Cost: £3.95

Description: “Notebook” (but paper is the same as their sketchbooks)

Pros: Lots of thick paper, handles all sorts of media and includes ribbon bookmark

Cons: Designs limited, super absorbent so hard to use wet-in-wet, bleeds a little

See my customisation and testing process in this week’s YouTube video:


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