Gorgeous Rosemary & Co travel mop brush!


This here, is the lovely travel mop brush handmade by Rosemary & Co here in the UK…


I’d only ever seen the usual rounded and filbert-tipped travel brushes before, so imagine my delight when I found out that Rosemary & Co have a whole range of them!


I’d been looking for a mop brush but was confused about which size to get. I wanted a Dalbe mop brush, but they only ship within France.  A fellow Youtuber suggested Rosemary & Co, so I ordered their catalogue and to my delight their pictures were shown actual size, making it easier for me to select the size I felt would be best for me.


My brush is their “medium” size squirrel hair mop. It can do nice, broad washes…


As well as smaller details…


After painting some blossom with loose, watery colour strokes, I moved on to some finer details…


Using the tip of the mop brush, I was able to get some thin, smooth lines.


I was delighted with the result! Browse the Rosemary & Co catalogue with me, see me unbox this brush, and see me paint these blossoms in the following YouTube videos…


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