Surface Pattern Design – My Journey So Far!

Back in September I talked about my new direction into pattern design. My journey has since continued, and every day I get more and more excited about it! One of the truly exciting things about using my art in pattern design, is that I can use it to unify all my other creative endeavours.

Remember the berets I make, and notebooks? Well, I can now use my own fabrics and papers to construct them! The same applies for other creative areas and hobbies of mine, such as making jewellery with my patterns on them (like in this video).

Being able to take traditional art into such a versatile format is just so thrilling. I use apps (such as Infinite Painter) to create designs like this bold cherry pattern, and for more complex and high quality patterns I delve into Photoshop.

Photoshop is particularly great when I make patterns from watercolour art, or any art which needs to preserve its traditional qualities. My “pineapple shake” and koi fish patterns were the first ones I tried, and I was delighted with the results of them on products from Redbubble. See my store HERE!

Finding a style has been the most difficult thing. Though I do lean towards certain art methods, like watercolour painting and hand printing using handmade stamps, I am still very much exploring different styles. I reckon that’s OK – I’m way too excited and curious about different methods to tie myself down right now.

Recently, I have been exploring textures and vector art. I have recently got a great program called Affinity Designer, which is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Using this vector art program, I can create infinitely scalable art. However, I still want to replicate natural textures, so I have been vectorising hand-printed textures to use, as well as using Inkscape to trace (vectorise) watercolour art.

The results have been great, and using vector art means that my geometric patterns and illustrations are more effective and crisp.

This year, I am keeping up the momentum and experimentation by creating elements and patterns in response to the 52-week illustration challenge. It’s a great way to get me working on new concepts, as well as forcing me to go through the process of traditional design to digital pattern.


I’m still updating my online portfolio ( but the best place to keep up to date with me every day is on Instagram @beretniceillustrations 🙂

And of course, I have twice-weekly videos on Youtube sharing my creative journey! I love interacting with other artists and pattern designers across platforms, so do say hi so that I can follow you too!

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